Metaphysics & Para-psychology Healing

Maa kali
The mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of creating transformation through repetition? The word “mantra” is derived from two Sanskrit words. The first is “manas” or “mind,” which provides the “man” syllable. The second syllable is drawn from the Sanskrit word “trai” meaning to “free from.” Therefore, the word mantra in its most literal sense means “to free from the mind.” Mantra is, at its core, a tool used to free you from the wanderings of your mind.
The science of mantra is based on the knowledge that sound is a form of energy having structure, power, and a definite predictable effect on the chakras and the human psyche. In Sadhana, mantras elevate or modify consciousness through their meaning and rhythmical repetition.

The sound has power. Words have power. The vibrations, meanings, and intentions affect us. It is a transfer of energy. when we chant a particular sound, our body and energy field resonate with that frequency. Our energy matches and synchronizes with the energy of the sounds we make and the thoughts we think. Mantras start a powerful vibration which corresponds to both a specific spiritual energy frequency and a state of consciousness in seed form. Mantras also work through the meridian points in the mouth to activate the nervous system and brain to shift your state of mind.

Each and every solution is possible by the Mantra whether it is physical problems,meta physical problems , para meta physical problems.But Mantra should have activated then the power of mantra multiplies and goes in right direction.If you chant the mantra by the guidance of Guru who knows this science very well, you will have the more power of the mantra.If you need any mantra or sadhana for different purpose, or Guru Diksha don’t hesitate to contact with us.

Some problem related para meta physical
• Depression
• Migraine
• Unknown Fear & Phobias
• Suicidal Tendency
• Black Magic Effect
• Evil Spirit attack
• Ghost attack
• Negative elemental, entity problems
• Psychic attacks
• Evil Planetary Effect
• Business Problems
• Relation Problems many more……

Heolex Dextrox-The Golden Meditation

shalvik healing Heolex Dextrox-The Golden Meditation
This in itself is a new and different technique which is neither meditation nor spiritualism or religion. To lead life successfully and smoothly this is a specific creation – ‘THE GOLDEN MEDITATION’. In this system one smell out of the five smells in the body is used to expand the business willingly. Relations can also be improved through this process. This is the process of keeping one self healthy. In this technique, the master takes the smell of your body and after multiplying it many times sends it to one of important part of the brain known as “Heolex Dextrox” through special technique. After that through specific mudras and special technique of meditation (ghumar) message is send to achieve the desired objective. The creator of this system Sadguru Satyanandji has dedicated to common man.

This can be learnt in two days workshop. Attunement is essential. This technique can be learnt by any person belonging to any country irrespective of caste and creed. Even uneducated people can also learn this course.
After taking the class of this beautiful technique from Satya-Marga one will also be able to perform Out of body experience or astral travel easily. In which the term ‘astral’, ‘etheric’, or even ‘dream’ body, refers to the theory that human consciousness can become completely separate from the body, and in this form be free of the limitations the body has. The astral body often appear to be very much like the physical body, with all the features and limbs, but be made of subtler material, or even of thought and emotion. This concept of a finer body most likely arose out of two basic human experiences in the earliest period of human thought. Because while dreaming it is common to be in places far distant from where one is asleep, it was thought that the dreamer actually visited that place while they slept, or that a finer spiritual body had traveled away from the corporeal self and gone to a heavenly or spirit world. Also early human beings, just as occurs today, experienced impressive out-of-body events which at face value again show a distinct self moving at a distance from, and having a life completely independent of, the physical body.

You can Learn One to One Teaching based workshop with Guru Trikutanandji.

Infinity Conscious Healing (the Spiritual Ladder)

Holistic solution for mind body soulInfinity Consciousness Healing
Infinity Consciousness is non-physical and does not conform to conventional scientific principles or human perceptions of physical space, time and matter. Abstraction in a metaphysical context is required to KNOW the true nature of consciousness and how it functions. Expanded awareness of what time, space and energy really represent is also crucial to accurately interpreting the workings of physical REALITY and the physical Universe, generally. Humans perceive their world and physical REALITY in the context of time, space and matter, yet CONSCIOUSNESS has no such constraint or context.
The magic part of this course is that the Infinity Energy Consciousness of Divine Love extends its omnipresent nourishing influence across all Creation, progressively drawing every one of us together, as we evolve individually and collectively into the vibration of equality, in harmony, abundance and illumination with each other, all life, and nature.
Our Spiritual Eternal Being chose to project an aspect of its “Self” to come into this life as a human being, to experience life according to our personal blueprint and the experiences we chose to have. Yet few of us are consciously aware of our true multidimensional nature and our potential to create the reality we came here to have.
As we each become more aware of our true nature and strengthen our connection with Self, so also do we expand access to our multidimensional nature and our Spiritual Being’s accumulated experiences, knowledge and Creation powers.

Infinity cautiousness healing is the process of connecting 108 nodule points (micro energy chakras) in our body in one sequence. This is a specific system of attracting cosmic energy in the body of the patient through 36 mudras and different very secret mantras in each level of 12 levels and universal sound. Each level can be learnt in two days workshop and after six week regular practice of level one then you can learn the level two.with out practice of six week you you will not eligible for next level.In this process a person can learn different techniques of meditation and healing along with spiritual growth.
When you practice level one, you will connect with Infinity Energy and you will be able to heal within 5 minutes for your patients and self.Similarly, it is very well designed spiritual ladder in each steps.
This technique lies beyond the beliefs, i.e. beyond all the assumptions and calculations which are present or are generated in the mind or mental layer. Hence, it is the doorway to the infinite which leads to the ultimate truth of our being.If you practice regularly this Infinity Consciousness Healing mudras and mantra, your 108 nodules points in the body will activate and you will be a perfect spiritual being.
Previously this technique was named as spiritual journey. But in spiritual journey only the master can heal the patient. It was difficult to teach the process. In the process the master keeps the head of the patient on his feet, chant the mantra, use the grazing and dragon toran process and through his third eye send the messages according to the requirement.

Lama Fera (World’s Fastest Healing Technique)

LAMA FERA HEALING-Fastest Healing Technique
LAMA-FERA is the world’s most fastest healing technique for Physic problems,Meta physical problems, Psychological and Para Psychological problems.This technique used to remove the pressure of thoughts and increase Pranic Energy, which helps in re-construction of damage cells and starts Auto Healing System of the body. Sadguru Satyanandji, a reacher in spiritual healing and Enlightenment techniques, develop the LAMA-FERA in 1995, under the grace of Hon’able Traditional Tantra Guru “ATMANANDA” and “MANDOSA” a Buddhist saint.
Sadguru Satyanandji convert the mantra’s (approx. 4,50,000) in graphic form, called Symbols, by using Shalvik Mantra Rahasya and add in this technique. Further, he designed some tools for common people, who can practice easily without long and tough Meditation.
Once it happened that a woman was lamenting at the untimely death of her husband. It was a great chance for her to be by Buddha in the village. So she made her courage and approached easily, asking him to revive her husband. Buddha tried to comfort her, make her see and understand the reasons for the death of her husband in many ways, but all was in vain, because she was not ready to listen to them any of the explanations. At last, seeing that he has no success with his explanations, Buddha asked her to go to the village and bring a few ears of wheat from a house where nobody died. Fortunately, she left the village, but lingered a few days although it could not find even a single house where someone was not dead. Realizing the absurdity of the gesture, the woman asked the Buddha to accept as his disciple. Buddha refused her request because she had no female disciples. She then went in front of him and refused to move until he will give the right to be his disciple. Going a few days, during which she was not moving at all, and seeing a woman’s intense faith, Buddha then asked to lie. Then circumvented by two and a half times, chanting a mantra, and by this act has erased the entire karma accumulated in past lives, and in the present. She went into Samadhi and Gautama Buddha left her in peace to continue their own spiritual journey. This two and half times of the circumvention is called Fera or the traditional Fera System.

Lama-Fera Healing process is very easy to Learn and Practice,Teach and get the result in a short span of time.Lama Fera healing helps you to heal fast any kind of diseases in the body.Helps you remain calm, peace, bliss, happiness,Joy, abundance.Lama Fera’s other benefits are:-


* Freedom from Stress, Tension and Depression.
* Freedom from Tantra-Mantra effects Ghosts and Evil eye Problems.
* Freedom from Un-known Fears.
* Best for Increasing Memory and Concentration.
* Freedom from Fears and Nervousness in Chronic Diseases.
* Best to increase your Will Power.
* Best for Mercy Death for last stages Patients or Old Aged Person.
* Lama-Fera is capable to remove Evil-eye Effects, Planetary Effect and Vaastu Rectification (Removal of Negative Energy from Houses, Offices, Factories.)
* It can remove Past- Life Issues And Many More……….

Required materials and Kits:
Following specially designed and energized kits are required for the practice of lama fera
» A Maroon Rob
» Burning Stick (a steel wand full of quartz crystals)
» Bodhi mala (Necklace from Boddhi Tree)
» Dragon Toran
» Lama-Fera Yantra, etc.

You can learn one to one based workshop with Guru Trikutanandji

Sri Rudram Yoga

Sri Rudram Yoga-The Real Awakening
What is Sri Rudram Yoga
Sri Rudram Energy Transformational Yoga is a truly integral yoga system. It synthesizes techniques a variety of yogic systems and Guru Diksha (Initiation) to bring about rapid transformation.Trikutanand ji was deeply researching in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga with the guidance of many Yoga Guru for a long year even before enter to Aghora and Vajrayana Tantra. After hard study in spiritualism and attained the reality ,Trikutanandji started to research again in the Yoga system and Tantra system that how can be made easy for everyone to get real awakening with out doing any hard yogic posture and long Tantra sadhana. And again learnt some different and deep yogic system with Swami Vidhyanandji, who is the first founder of Yoga Alliance in India.Then complete succeed to unification the Tantra and Yoga.Because, with out real combination of Tantra and Yoga, it is difficult to achieve the reality. If you are doing practice only postures and some pranayama only for physical purpose, you are unknown with Real Yoga.So, don’t delay to learn this new easy and effective system in the New Yoga Revolution.

Who Should Learn sri Rudram Informational Yoga?

Everyone can be learnt this new yoga system.Specially, who want to activate own infinite wisdom, learn this yoga or any type of yoga practitioner/teacher should do this yoga so that they could easily find their reality in the Spiritual world. Childrens, students, teenagers, pregnant women,Old age people, Corporate world, schools/colleges or each and every people should adopt this yoga system because Supreme Grace Light flows in this system through the Guru Grace by Guru Diksha.

Sri Rudram Energy Transformational Yoga goes far beyond just physical exercise. While offering a complete approach to well-being, Sri Rudram Energy Transformational Yoga takes into account physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health. It functions on a deeper level to stimulate kundalini energy to move up through the chakras, purifying and awakening the pure body.
We focus on creating full awareness of each of our five bodies.

pranayamaPhysical body
Prana body
Mental body
Psychic body
Spiritual body

In doing so we are able to clear blockages and purify our bodies: We learn about the seven chakras, and their relationships to our five bodies, whilst identifying and clearing blockages in the chakras.
In Sri Rudram Energy Transformational Yoga the following techniques are applied in order to accomplish personal transformation.

Asana: Our asana sequences are are suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced and offer a holistic approach to health, while focusing on chakra activation, back strengthening, ab strengthening and a standing series.
Pranayama: Discover the healing potential of your breath. Breathing techniques are an essential component of hatha yoga. Benefits include improved concentration, more energy, deeper sleep, and reduced stress levels. Not only does it feed the brain, but revitalizes the body, since breath is the bridge between the body and the mind.
Mantra: Mantra chanting generates vibrations which are fundamental tools for altering the psyche, and producing a tranquil and balanced mind. In yogic practices, the growth of our awareness progresses with the help of these vibrations. By cleansing our minds with mantras, decision making becomes clearer, observation power is awakened; purification leads to improved concentration and a calm focused mind.
Meditation: Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and other relaxation techniques are included in Sri Rudram Energy Transformational Yoga practice in order for us to experience our pure natures, in which our egos dissolve and we find inner silence.
Other Supportive Method
Sri Rudram Energy Transformational Yoga is specially oriented for self-realization and God-Realization based. All selected Asanas and Pranayamas are given rather to practice any asanas and pranayama blindly. While doing the practice any level, different holistic healing sessions will be conducted and some traditional healing techniques will be given for healing purpose. It will help the day to day negative energy to dissolve and you will remain in pure infinite consciousness. And you can heal other by these healing techniques.
1. Lama Fera healing during Yoga Nidra
2. Shaktipat once in a week
3. Diksha (Initiation) to connect different dimension
4. Chakra massage ( For Level I 100 hrs TTC)
5. Traditional Ayurvedic Accupressure Healing (For Level II 200 hrs TTC)
6. 21 Coral Asten (For Level-III 500 hrs TTC )
7. Higher Tantra Sadhana and its secret (Grand Master Level)
8. Secret Meditation, Tantra, And Mantra Sadhana for Mastership in Spiritual World (Grand Master Level)
9. Secret Sadhana for Energy Transformation (Grand Master Level)
10. Light, healthy and balanced yogic diet
11. Abdominal cleansing by Harbal power (Opt.)
12. Vajan and Arati (To open Heart Chakra for unconditional love and Compassion )