The Holistic Healing Nepal is a complete spiritual center where one can attain the state of perfection "Siddhi" in spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, sadhana, healing and divine oneness giving conclusion to the life with the achievement of highest state of inner transformation, tranquility and peace.....Experience it!.....Share it!!!

GURU TRIKUTANANDA JI (founder of The Holistic Healing Nepal):

guru-trikutanand-trishulGurudev Shree Trikutananda Ji Maharaj hails from the lineage of Brahmaleen Sadguru Shree Satyanandji Maharaj, Dadaguru Atmanandji 4040 Aghor Panth, Nanda Sampraday who have not only scaled and mastered the spiritual world but also have blessed with manifold knowledge for achieving balanced condition in physical state, mental state, emotional state of human being as well as open thyself to higher state of consciousness in a technical and scientific manner. 
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THE HOLISTIC HEALING NEPAL and its associated charitable trusts are spiritual non-profit organizations formed with the goal of liberating every individual from physical problems, mental imbalance and spiritual ignorance. For which the center is working to create awareness with the help of different healing modalities and at the same time guiding the seekers and individuals towards the inner journey of self, understand the ultimate reality with divine oneness in a technical and scientific manner from the teachings and practices of SATYA-MARGA (The Path of Ultimate Truth).

THE HOLISTIC HEALING NEPAL welcomes everyone seeking:
♦ liberation from Physical problems, Mental in-harmonies, Emotional problems as well as Spiritual ignorance.
♦ Study, Learning & Insight.
♦ Introspection and self purification.
♦ Intensive practice of Yoga, Pranayam & Higher level of meditation.
♦ Spiritual Rejuvenation.
♦ Experience of higher dimension energy and presence of God/Goddess, Siddhas and Gurus...
♦ Self Realization

and much more.....
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"We are just the instruments of God Whatever your lifestyle, path or tradition, You are welcome. Important thing is being connected with higher energy frequency regularly and being oneness with the divine".


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The Holistic Healing Nepal provides and teaches a wide variety of healing methods and techniques which can be applied both for self and others.

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thhn - spiritual awakening

Dive in the ocean of secret teachings and practices for inner awakening leading to the ultimate reality and divine oneness.

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